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Teenage Meditation Classes

Over the school holidays I was fortunate to co-run a Teenage Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Class. This is an area that I am very passionate about, especially because I have two teenage children at home (with two more to come!).

From my own experience with my teenagers, helping them to be happy and calm individuals can be an ever changing (and often challenging) task. I believe one of the best things I can do for my children is to be present with them, to help guide and nurture them along the way, yet I cannot do this if I myself am feeling anxious or stressed out. I need to help myself in order to help them. I know this to be true everyday of our lives, when I am feeling better I am able to be the mother they need me to be at any given time (or mood!).

I have found, one of the best things to help all of us, is meditation and giving them a calmer and more centred base to start from, as when their base is calmer then the highs and lows of life won’t be so high or low, causing even greater unnecessary distress.

Here are a couple of pictures of my two gorgeous teenagers doing their Vision Board, as part of the Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Class…




Meditation for children these days is easily accessible with a variety of different aps, which children can use on a daily basis, whether it be before study, before bed or even to start off their day. Meditation does not need to take a long time or be hard, it is something you can practice together in a quiet room with a candle lit.

If you would prefer a moreĀ formal meditation setting then please email ( me to come along to your free trial of my weekly teenage (and adult) meditation classes I run.

To your happiness always,


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