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Get Organised For Christmas

With the Christmas excitement building I want to share with you some important tips to get yourself organised for Christmas, so you can start to relax and enjoy the festive season.

I love Christmas and all the joys it brings, spending time with family and friends, surprises and lots of food. With all of this comes a lot of preparation and time needed to get Christmas organised! So I have come up with a list of 7 essential things you can do in the lead up to Christmas to help you focus on the magic of Christmas rather than the stress of getting everything done!

1.       Accept that it is crazy busy

I think this is a huge one, we need to accept that this time of the year does get busy with lots of social engagements, cooking and shopping. Accept what it is and what you can or cannot get done. Do not focus on all that you haven’t done, but instead on what you did achieve – even if it was helping your daughter for 1.5 hours to write her school Christmas Cards!

2.       Make a ‘Things to do list’ of all the things that you need to.

For those of you who know me, I love my ‘Things to do lists’, I do them regularly for big projects I am working on and I also do them on a weekly basis for weekly activities – which incorporate my bigger lists. I know they take time to set up, but believe me the feeling of accomplishment you get when you tick things off your lists is worth the extra effort.

3.       Look after yourself

This one can be a tricky one, especially with all of the social gatherings and copious amounts of food this time of the year brings. Obviously I am not saying don’t go out and enjoy yourself, because that is a major part of the fun of Christmas. What I am saying is when you at home, opt for that healthier option and drink more water to counter balance the food or drink that you enjoyed the night before.

4.       Start a present list.

Every year I print off my standard list from my computer (I use Excel for this) with everyone’s name who I need to buy a present for, including family, friends, teachers, kids friends etc. Then I write down next to their name what I will buy. I find this is a great way to keep track of who and what I am buying and then I will then use my present list as my shopping list when I head to the shops. No-one ever gets forgotten!

5.       Use your Junk Mail.

Start to use that never ending supply of Junk Mail which all of our letterboxes are bombarded with at this time of the year to think of ideas for presents, especially for those hard to buy for. Shop smarter, so when you do actually go to the shops you know exactly what you are buying rather than wondering around the shops looking!

6.       Spread that Christmas Spirit

At times, especially when we are busy we tend to only focus on ourselves and the things we need to do. This Christmas season, take some time out to do something for someone around you who may need a little extra help or just because. Imagine if we all did one thing special for someone in our lives, think about how fantastic it will be for the Spirit of Christmas to grow and extend outwards. And could you also imagine if everyone at the shops let one person in front of them either at a queue or driving, the shopping centre would be filled with happier and less stressed out people!

7.       Have fun and enjoy it

Above all remember it is Christmas and it only comes once a year, enjoy it and spend time with all those you love and cherish. Let go of what you could’ve or should’ve done and just be in the moment of all the magic that Christmas brings.

With all that said, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all your families a very Happy and Safe Christmas. Enjoy.

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Time Audit

Time Audit

Do you know how much time some of us can lose to distractions??

2 hours a day =

14 hours a week =

60 hours a month =

730 hours a year!!! 

It sounds crazy when you look at the cold hard statistics of it, but it is very true! Just think how much you could get done if you had that time back!

A Time Audit is about exactly what the title reads an “audit” of your time. It is an examination, analysis and investigation into the way you use your time on a daily basis. By taking the time out to break down how and what you do with your day on an hourly basis you are able to analyse exactly where your time is going. At the end of this exercise you will be able to see the facts and figures of what you do each day and how you can start to use your time more effectively and efficiently.

1 hour of planning will save you 10 hours of doing!

Have you ever had that feeling when you get to the end of a busy day and flop into bed and think to yourself “I have not stopped all day long, but I feel like I got nothing done”! I know I have on many occasions. During this time in my life I would feel like I was constantly going and going all day but not really get anything completed. Therefore I was left to feel very frustrated and overwhelmed with everything I then had to do the following day. Enough was enough as I felt like I was on a never ending spinning wheel of work and never feeling satisfied with what I had achieved.

So what it a TIME AUDIT? It is writing down what you do every hour for a 2 week period to see exactly what you are doing with your time and not what you think you are. Email me for today for a copy of your free Time Audit for you to complete.

When I completed my time audit I was really surprised at the results. What I found was that even though I was really busy in my days, I was not productive in how I was using my time and that I was wasting a lot of time every day.

Remember that our perception of what we are doing will distort the reality of what we are actually doing!

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Time Audit

As part of my new package I have created, called “Total Time Freedom, creating extra time for you” I would like to introduce you to the first step.

The first step in learning how you can create more time is to do a time audit on your day. This involves you writing down what you do each hour, every day for 1 week. I know when you read that your first thought is “yeah right, I don’t have the time in my busy life to get everything done and you want me to do more work??” Well yes it is more work for you to do in the short term. BUT in the long term it is a great tool to use to be able to assess exactly where your time goes!

Once you have it written down you can look at where you are losing and wasting time on an everyday basis. The most common time wasters are things like checking social media, checking emails and text messages, watching TV or just fluffing around! And then you can begin the interesting part to look at your emotional blocks for why you are wasting time…

When I did a time audit on my daily activities, I found that I waste a huge amount of time everyday, my vices were facebook, text messages and TV. I calculated on average 2 hours everyday I wasted on things that were not productive to helping me achieve the goals I want to achieve.. So in actual fact I was wasting:

2 hours a day


14 hours a week


60 hours a month


730 hours a year!!!

OMG!! That is huge and it was not until I actually looked at this on paper that I believed it!

Once I confronted with this information, I made a promise to myself to stop wasting time and start to get productive. By doing that I have been able to plan 2 workshops, almost complete my new package details during the day which has then ultimately given me extra time to spend quality time with my kids (this morning I was playing tennis on the wii with them – which is something in the past I did not have the time for).

I challenge you today to start a time audit on your day. I set up a routine of updating my time audit at lunchtime and at night after the kids had gone to bed. Give it a go and I will be interested to hear your results.

Once you have looked at the facts and figures of your time and daily activities then you can make a start to look at the emotional blocks that are causing you to waste time. For me it was self value – I was not valuing myself and thought I could not achieve, so I would use time wasters to self-sabotage my work tasks!

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.





Exciting new package

Exciting New Package

I have some exciting news…..

I will soon be launching my new package “Total Time Freedom“!

Many of my clients recently have expressed an interest in having more time, to be more effective with the time they do have and ultimately feeling calmer within their busy lives! Hence the creation of my new package.

My package will be the main 12 steps that I use regularly in my life and in my clinic, which has been able to benefit many women who wish to find the much deserved balance back into their busy lives.

Stay tuned as I will post up all the details once they are finalized.

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