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Sweet Dreams – How To Beat Insomnia!

Did you know that sleep deprivation is a form of torture! It makes sense because how often do we feel anxious, stressed, moody, fatigued, cranky, unmotivated etc. etc. (and the list goes on and on) when we do not get enough sleep at night.

Sleep is important for restoring physical and mental health, it will refresh the mind and repair the body.

Sleep is as essential for good health as is oxygen, food and water.

Often we struggle to fall asleep, as we think things over and over in our minds. We relive the events of the day – what we did and what we did not do. We also start to think about all the things that we need to do tomorrow. Both of which are really pointless thoughts as often we don’t remember what we are planning or revisiting the next morning anyway (unless you are like me and have a pen and paper by the bedside to catch these ‘important’ thoughts)!

It is these random thoughts that keep our mind stimulated and prevents us from falling asleep. Yet how do you stop these thoughts without getting anxious and starting to look at the clock worried that you are not asleep yet and should be.

A technique I learnt through my counselling kinesiology which I use and I encourage my clients to use is a combination of counting backwards and catching yourself thinking. The repetitive task of counting backwards requires you to focus on counting which takes your focus away from these random thoughts.

If we were untroubled by thoughts, then we would bore ourselves to sleep!

Troubling thoughts will wake us up and when these thoughts come up again they prevent us from counting – we forget where we are with our counting and we become aware that thoughts have crept in again. By gently returning our focus back onto the counting task, we teach our mind to let go of arousing thoughts to enable us to fall deeper and deeper into relaxation and sleep will follow.

This exercise:

  1. Write in your mind’s eye 100
  2. Write in your mind’s eye deeper
  3. Write in your mind’s eye 99
  4. Write in your mind’s eye deeper
  5. Write in your mind’s eye 98
  6. Write in your mind’s eye deeper
  7. Continue on slowly and if your thoughts appear again then that is okay, just release that thought and begin again.

Please note when I have mentioned mind’s eye – I am referring to your imagination or your thoughts.

Often the first night you practice this, it will feel like this exercise is actually keeping you awake at night. After a few nights of practice you will get into the groove of the counting and find it more and more relaxing the more nights you practice it. I have even gotten my daughter to do this one (whom is often lying awake for hours thinking) – she can now only count to 95 and then she will be fast asleep!

Give it a go and see what number you can reach?

This is an excerpt from my “Ignite Your Possibilities” eCourse – Self-Care Made Easy section. For more information on this and others ways you can make self care easy, click here.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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