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Kinesiology Awareness Week

Kinesiology has changed my life in so many ways. When I began my journey with Kinesiology 9 years ago I did not even know what it was or even how to pronounce it! How things have changed in the past years as I now use Kinesiology every day in my own life and also to help my children in their lives.

Kinesiology is an effective tool in assessing and understanding the body, mind and spirit. Through using muscle testing (non-invasive) you are able to determine what is ‘stressing’ out the whole body (body, mind and spirit). Kinesiology works from a nutritional level to an emotional issue to an environmental cause or even a spiritual angle. All can be determined and changed through the simple art of muscle testing.

I believe that our bodies have been designed and function to heal themselves yet with so many outside influences and distractions it upsets that fine balance of equilibrium within our bodies. When this balance changes to out-of-balance our bodies can no longer function or even heal themselves as effectively as it has been designed to do. Hence this is where Kinesiology comes in to look at the whole person to re-align the whole person into a balanced state, to ultimately allow for equilibrium within and in all areas of one’s life.

Kinesiology works a lot with emotional triggers as generally most dis-ease begins with emotional dis-ease. By addressing dis-ease on all levels allows ease in healing and life. Kinesiology also works on a physical level to release stresses within the body. It is through this connection of all areas of one’s life that true and lasting equilibrium can occur.

Kinesiology changes for me (to name a few) have ranged from me finally dealing with bullying issues I endured through my high school years, subtle changes to my diet like reducing sugar intake, physical releases of stresses by using trigger points and meridian lines on my body. These changes and many more relieve my body from unnecessary stress in order for me to for me to enjoy and participate fully in my busy life as a business owner and mother to 4 busy children. And because of this I am eternally thankful for Kinesiology in my life.

Written by Debbie Rossi from Debbie is a Kinesiologist, presenter, author of Beyond the Schoolyard (End the bullying forever) and busy mother to 4 children. Debbie is passionate about enabling others to create happy, healthy, confident and successful lives.


Testimonial, Kinesiology Client

Kinesiology is an extremely powerful modality, and there is no requirement to understand how or why it works, however via the profound transformations, often instantaneous, you will quickly learn and want to know more. It is a modality of healing that you just need to “experience” for yourself, its effectiveness cannot be explained, it’s an experience.
Debbie’s Balancing sessions I akin to a “Day Spa for your Soul”, with long lasting and permanent results, that revitalises your entire system. This profound shift then floods into every part of your life often assimilating in gentle and subtle ways, over about 3 days after your session.

Not only have I saved hundreds in physio fees, but immediately after my session, I am quickly back into the swing and in total control of my health and therefore keeping up with my busy and energetic lifestyle. Now I see Debbie weekly, not because I need to, but because her balances are effective on a cellular level, deep profound and permanent. Like exercise, regular sessions keep my entire body in perfect sync and balance, and therefore I am Calm, focused and energised to be the best of myself and therefore give the best of myself to not only my Clients and but to my life as a whole.

Debbie has developed a unique method based on her several years of experience, in contrast to other Kinesiologists, that is extremely powerful and just allows you to completely relax and focus on “you” time. Her methods are backed by science and you only need to chat to any one of her Clients to be convinced of how much of an amazing Practitioner she is, as the results speak for themselves.

You truly are giving yourself, and those that surround you, the greatest gift by indulging in regular sessions. Debbie is a true testament to Professionalism and the practice of Kinesiology; she has passion and drive and always goes above and beyond for her Clients.

Personally, I and my family are her Clients for life.

Director, Professional Financial Services.


How can kinesiology help you?

I remember when I first heard about kinesiology, I did not even know what it was – let alone know how it could help me!

It has been almost 7 years since I was introduced to kinesiology and in which time I went on to study it for 4 years. Kinesiology has helped me in so many ways over the years and I continue to be amazed at the results I have with my clients.

How can kinesiology help you?

Kinesiology is an effective tool to access the subconscious mind! It uses the non-invasive muscle testing to uncover what the underlying emotional, physical, nutritional or spiritual reason is behind your presenting problem.

Kinesiology is very emotionally based, and looks the emotional component of any physical ailment, stress or anxiety in your life. When you are able to release the emotion involved on both a subconscious, conscious and physical level your body is enabled to heal itself quickly and effectively.

Here is a short list of all the ways that kinesiology can be used:

Stresses or anxieties


Physical pain

Learning enhancement

Overcoming fears

Physical health and well-being

Behaviour issues with children

Increasing energy levels

Weight management

Personal growth

Kinesiology sessions run for approx. 45 minutes – 1 hour. During the session I will use muscle testing to access the information you need to make long lasting beneficial changes in your life. At the end of each session you will be given a list of changes to make in your everyday life, this can range from a mindset change to an affirmation to a change in your lifestyle to a diet change to a daily brain exercise. Remembering that change does not happen in our short session, it happens when you apply the insight into your everyday life.

Each month I offer a few free initial consults. Contact me today to start to make the change in your life!

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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Kinesiology Explored

What is Kinesiology? I cannot tell you the amount of times someone has asked me “So what do you do?” and when my response is “I am a Kinesiologist”, his or her face very quickly goes into a confused look! So by having lots of practice at explaining what it is that I actually do, I now feel very confident in my explanation….

Kinesiology is a natural health and natural healing. It is based on the Chinese Traditional Medicine and was originally developed by Chiropractors. It uses non-invasive muscle testing to test the body for answers on what is going on a subconscious level to determine any imbalances in the body. These imbalances may be a result of nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, emotional upset, food sensitivities, structural misalignments, poor energy flow or negative self-beliefs.

Kinesiology monitors the movement of muscles in your body for feedback about what the body is going through. I like to explain it simply by saying that your muscles will respond to something that is stressful to your body, for example junk food will cause a muscle to have a weak response as this is stressful for the body whereas water will cause the muscle to have a strong response as this is beneficial for the body. So by using this feedback I am able to determine what your body needs and how to help the body reach its optimal function.

Muscle testing through to the subconscious layer to figure out what we can do on an external and conscious layer.

Kinesiology uses a lot of different pressure points around the body as a correction point. It is very emotionally charged by dealing with the emotions of something that has happened in our lives from the past or a belief or an experience.

I believe that our bodies have the ability to heal itself, and is doing its best to care for itself (with what we put in it). Although at times our bodies need help to heal. Kinesiology is a great tool to help in the healing of our bodies, as it will get to the cause of the problem, whether it be a physical, mental, nutritional, emotional or a spiritual issue. For total healing to take place we need to deal with the original cause of the problem.

I would like to make it clear that that Kinesiology does not diagnose, prescribe or treat in any way a medical condition or a named disease. I do not attempt to keep people away from doctors, drugs, surgery, or the skills of any health professional when they need them. As a Kinesiologist I do not treat diseases or medical conditions, I assist the body to heal. However I do think that in today’s hectic world we will take a tablet too easily without exploring what is actually going on in our bodies and working out the cause!

Always dealing with the underlying reasons why something is going on in our lives so we can then deal with these issues from the root cause.

Any questions please get in contact with me for more information.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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Time Audit

Time Audit

Do you know how much time some of us can lose to distractions??

2 hours a day =

14 hours a week =

60 hours a month =

730 hours a year!!! 

It sounds crazy when you look at the cold hard statistics of it, but it is very true! Just think how much you could get done if you had that time back!

A Time Audit is about exactly what the title reads an “audit” of your time. It is an examination, analysis and investigation into the way you use your time on a daily basis. By taking the time out to break down how and what you do with your day on an hourly basis you are able to analyse exactly where your time is going. At the end of this exercise you will be able to see the facts and figures of what you do each day and how you can start to use your time more effectively and efficiently.

1 hour of planning will save you 10 hours of doing!

Have you ever had that feeling when you get to the end of a busy day and flop into bed and think to yourself “I have not stopped all day long, but I feel like I got nothing done”! I know I have on many occasions. During this time in my life I would feel like I was constantly going and going all day but not really get anything completed. Therefore I was left to feel very frustrated and overwhelmed with everything I then had to do the following day. Enough was enough as I felt like I was on a never ending spinning wheel of work and never feeling satisfied with what I had achieved.

So what it a TIME AUDIT? It is writing down what you do every hour for a 2 week period to see exactly what you are doing with your time and not what you think you are. Email me for today for a copy of your free Time Audit for you to complete.

When I completed my time audit I was really surprised at the results. What I found was that even though I was really busy in my days, I was not productive in how I was using my time and that I was wasting a lot of time every day.

Remember that our perception of what we are doing will distort the reality of what we are actually doing!

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Exciting new package

Exciting New Package

I have some exciting news…..

I will soon be launching my new package “Total Time Freedom“!

Many of my clients recently have expressed an interest in having more time, to be more effective with the time they do have and ultimately feeling calmer within their busy lives! Hence the creation of my new package.

My package will be the main 12 steps that I use regularly in my life and in my clinic, which has been able to benefit many women who wish to find the much deserved balance back into their busy lives.

Stay tuned as I will post up all the details once they are finalized.


Primitive Reflexes

Recently I had a very interesting 2 days attending the “Drawing the Withdrawn” course. It was about integrating primitive reflexes in children. Primitive reflexes are the survival instincts and unconscious movements that a child is born with, like the startle reflex, sucking reflex or bonding reflex (just to name a few).

Reflexes are jerky and uncontrolled movements that are made from the brain stem. They are the automatic movements that a baby makes on sensory stimulation, like skin contact. A baby will develop these in utero and are needed once the baby is born to allow for a smooth transition into the world. As a baby develops these reflexes are then integrated into controlled and conscious movements, which access more mature parts of brain.

It is very important for a baby to go through the developmental process of integrating these reflexes into smooth and controlled movements. If a reflex is not integrated then it can lead to physical and emotional stress. These primitive reflexes can also redevelop in our lives after a stressful period – as we resort to the unconscious safe mode.  Have you ever found yourself after a stressful period resorting to your fight or flight mode – without thought?

In relation to learning if these primitive reflexes are still present in a child, then they will not be able to embrace learning as their brain is still in the primitive and unconscious movement stage. When our brain develops out of these reflexes, it stimulates higher parts of the brain, therefore allowing for learning to occur easier.

This also affects a child’s self-confidence level as if the child does not feel safe and secure within themselves then they lack the ability to feel comfortable in a new situation or new learning.

All in all it is very important that we aware of these reflexes in ourselves and our children, especially as our children are developing and growing. As until a baby feels safe and secure in the world, they will hold onto these unconscious movements, as it represent safety for them.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.




Anger #@*%$^!!

Anger, wow this is a big topic that affects all of us in some way or another. Whether it is feeling angry or being on the end of someone else’s anger outburst! This is an issue that we are working through in my house at the moment, as one of my children is having anger outbursts on a daily basis!

As an adult, I struggle with managing my anger at times. From getting angry at the kids to getting angry at a driver who cut me off to getting angry with my husband! It is all around us as adults and it would be unreasonable to think that our children do not feel anger too. I believe that one of our jobs as adults is to teach our children how to manage anger in a safe and effective way.

The way that I have found to work for my clients and myself is to actually disconnect yourself from the anger. When you disconnect or remove yourself from the anger you are able to take out the raw emotion and feeling from the situation and start to think about it rationally. Remember anger is normally just a reaction to another emotion, which we are not dealing with – frustration that the kids are not listening, low self-worth that the driver did not acknowledge me or disappointment that my husband did not do something exactly as I wanted!

This can be quite hard to do, as when we are in the thick of it we can become stuck in that moment of anger. I imagine myself taking a step out of the feeling of anger and looking at myself objectively in a matter of fact way without the anger, and then you are able to determine what the original emotion is that caused the anger. Once you acknowledge that original emotion you can take the necessary steps involved to deal with that emotion and leave the anger behind!

It seems easy on paper, but it is quite hard to do and even harder to explain and encourage your children to do! I have found that when dealing with children, the best way to get them to listen is to tell them a story about you when you were young or even when about something that happened to you recently. I find that my children will listen and react more positively to a story rather than a direction of what they need to do. By the way, I will often make up a story to reflect the message I want to portray – it does not matter as long as the message is there.

I challenge you to give it a try with yourself next time you get angry and to tell your kids a story or two of when you were young “I used to get so angry at my sister when she would take my clothes without asking……..” And remember when we actually deal with the reasoning behind our anger then the anger will just melt away.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.




Brain Exercises

In previous blogs I have talked about “whole brain learning” and how important it is for the left and right side of the brain to be involved in any type of learning. Today I want to talk about how I have been putting “whole brain learning” into action in my daughter’s prep classroom and how you can put it into action for your children in your own household.

I recently had an opportunity to do brain exercises in my daughter’s prep classroom each morning. I found this to be very interesting. Interesting because of the way the 24 children all responded differently to the brain exercises. Some children found the exercises very difficult and others found them very easy! Each week I created a new set of brain exercises for the children to do to music, that way the children had 5 days straight to get used to the new exercise and each day they got better at them.

One of the exercises I used was one that requires the children to cross their midline (imagine a line that runs down the centre of your body from following the line of your nose). The children had perfected the standard exercise of this one quite quickly so I decided to mix it up a bit and add in another version of this exercise. The new exercise required the children to cross their midline behind their bodies, so they were kicking their legs out behind them and touching each foot with their opposite hand. Wow what a challenge this proved to be with the children. I was surprised that the children found this difficult when they found the first exercise quite easy. 

I also found interesting that the children really benefited from a calming and centering exercise, which I would put at the end of a set of exercises each day. On one particular Monday morning the children were scattered during pray time with the teacher needing to ask the children to settle down a few times. After we completed the brain exercises, including the calming and centering exercise the whole classroom seemed to quieten down. This reiterated to me how important it is for children to learn in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which will enable children to learn more effectively and easily.

This all just adds to the notion and importance of getting a child’s brain ready for learning. Now what can you do for your children at home to help with their learning? It can be done with simple brain exercises (as I have explained in my “Whole Brain Learning” blog), drinking water, diet / nutrition and your child’s emotional state. So even if it is by just encouraging your child to drink more water or eat extra protein then we can all make a start in helping our children to become more effective learners. 

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.




Core values..

Last week I had an opportunity to stop and reflect on what my core values are. The values that I live my life by as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as a Kinesiologist and most importantly the values I live my life by for me!

Even though I have vaguely always known what my values are, I have never actually concreted them in. I found this process to be very empowering and an experience I wanted to share with you all and encourage you to do the same.

In the dictionary the meaning of the word “values” is the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or social group, it is relative worth, merit, importance or a desirable quality.

My values are Respect, Tolerance and Honesty. Respect because I believe you should treat others as you want to be treated yourself. Tolerance is for accepting others as they are without judgement. Honesty is about being truthful and transparent. These values are not something that are new to me, as I have always lived my life by these values, it is just that I have defined them in my life and bought them into my conscious everyday thought.

In my kinesiology practice I have found that by losing touch with your core values will make a huge impact in your life. Your values will help in your decision making process and give you a guideline for your true direction in life. When you actually define your values it can help in all areas of your life, whether it is a social situation, an issue with your children or even the way you treat yourself.  So I challenge you today to pin-point your values and consciously bring them into your everyday life! It will be fantastic to see a few of you post your values in the comment section..

What are your values???

Have fun with it, and start living by your values which will allow you to have a clearer and more centred sense of yourself. And remember that our children indirectly learn and pick up on our values and by taking the time out to define them we will be able to ultimately help our children with their values.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.



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