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Debbie Rossi


Testimonial, Kinesiology Client

Kinesiology is an extremely powerful modality, and there is no requirement to understand how or why it works, however via the profound transformations, often instantaneous, you will quickly learn and want to know more. It is a modality of healing that you just need to “experience” for yourself, its effectiveness cannot be explained, it’s an experience.
Debbie’s Balancing sessions I akin to a “Day Spa for your Soul”, with long lasting and permanent results, that revitalises your entire system. This profound shift then floods into every part of your life often assimilating in gentle and subtle ways, over about 3 days after your session.

Not only have I saved hundreds in physio fees, but immediately after my session, I am quickly back into the swing and in total control of my health and therefore keeping up with my busy and energetic lifestyle. Now I see Debbie weekly, not because I need to, but because her balances are effective on a cellular level, deep profound and permanent. Like exercise, regular sessions keep my entire body in perfect sync and balance, and therefore I am Calm, focused and energised to be the best of myself and therefore give the best of myself to not only my Clients and but to my life as a whole.

Debbie has developed a unique method based on her several years of experience, in contrast to other Kinesiologists, that is extremely powerful and just allows you to completely relax and focus on “you” time. Her methods are backed by science and you only need to chat to any one of her Clients to be convinced of how much of an amazing Practitioner she is, as the results speak for themselves.

You truly are giving yourself, and those that surround you, the greatest gift by indulging in regular sessions. Debbie is a true testament to Professionalism and the practice of Kinesiology; she has passion and drive and always goes above and beyond for her Clients.

Personally, I and my family are her Clients for life.

Director, Professional Financial Services.


National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

Friday 20th of March was the fifth annual National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. As part of this day I was honoured to be asked to attend the Bully Zero Foundation Australia launch of their anti-bullying booklet called ‘A Safer Nation for Every Generation’!

This booklet is the first in Australia, which includes a lot of valuable information for our children about how to create a safer nation and stamp out bullying. The booklet is put together using pictures children have drawn and lots in practical information for both children, parents, educators and society as a whole.

I feel very honoured and blessed to where my work takes me and to be a part of such an important cause.

Launch photo 1 This photo is of Ali Halkic, board member and founder of Bully Zero. The foundation was set up in honour of his son Allem Halkic took his own life after been cyber bullied in 2012.


Launch photo 2

This photo is of Oscar Yildiz, CEO of Bully Zero. He is the man behind everything that happens at Bully Zero.


Launch photo 3


This photo is of me with Ali holding the booklet, ‘A Safer Nation for Every Generation’.

To your happiness,


Love Your Brain!

With 4 school aged children in both primary and high school, I am very passionate about how to support children’s brains in learning. hence I have developed a program called ‘Love Your Brain’.

Our brains are just like any other muscle in our body, it needs to be exercised and looked after to function at its optimum level.

What can I do to help support my children’s brain in learning???

  • Water and lots of it! Check out my previous blog on the importance of water.
  • Make sure they are eating food high in protein (at every meal), check out my previous blog here on protein.
  • Encourage them to do brain exercises, check out my previous blog on some simple brain exercises.
  • Allow for relaxation time, time for the brain to unwind and relax. I love talking my kids through a gentle meditation before they go off to sleep.
  • Ensure they are getting enough sleep. Sleep is when the brain repairs itself, develops and allows it to relax a be ready for another day at school.
  • Have fun with my kids. As much as learning and discipline is important it is just as important that our brains have fun, to allow for our feel good endorphins to be released within our bodies.
  • Keep out additives, colourings, flavourings and preservatives from their diets. These are artificial products and can cause the brain to go either hyper, confused or anxious.
  • Lots of love and guidance. Some of the basic needs of our children are to feel safe and loved, if they do not feel this then their brains will not function as calmly and effectively as possible.

It does seem like a lot of things to do for our children’s brain, yet it really is not and I am sure you are already doing a few of these points.

It is about seeing your child’s brain as a focus and nurturing it through these different points.

Based on these points I will be running a webinar called ‘Love Your Brain’. It is a 1 hour webinar containing lots of information about how you can help improve the function of your child’s brain. These webinars are very informative and a must for all parents and teachers. To register for this ‘must see’ webinar please click here.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children and don’t forget to Love their Brains!

Signature -Debbie



Align with your 2015 Dreams

Have you created your vision board for 2015?


Often when we create a vision board, it also stirs many underlying emotions of doubt, fear and anxieties to achieving what we desire. These feelings are expected as we are setting a vision of something that we want to achieve to extend ourselves in ways we did not think were possible.


For me a big one on my vision board is to do big event speaking engagements. This is something I have always dreamed of doing, yet the thought of doing it absouluetly scares me! It brings up all those feelings of not been good enough! Yet in order to achieve this vision, I need to do more than just place a picture of it on my vision board, I need to work through my doubts and fears to allow me to grow and reach my vision.This is something I have found with my clients, that it is often a fear or doubt that holds them back from succeeding at a goal. By understanding what these fears are, we are then able to chip away at them to eliminate them once and for all in our lives.

My popular workshop called ‘Align with your 2015 Dreams’ is back again this year, to register please click here.

It includes:

Access to Kinesiology muscle testing to pinpoint your exact area of focus for 2015 aligned with your body, mind and spirit. We will also be able to determine any stresses that may prevent you from reaching your 2015 vision.

You will also receive…
– Personalised changeable vision board

– Gratitude diary

– Guided meditation on the night

– Establish any fears, doubts or behaviours that will prevent you from reaching your vision.

– Tips and tools to implement at home to put your 2015 vision into action.

Places are limited so please click here to book your seat today.


To your happiness,
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And the December winner is….

Each month I give-away a signed copy of my book Beyond The Schoolyard.

The winner for December is Genna Winter. CONGRATULATIONS Genna, I trust you will enjoy and get lots of value out of reading my book.

To enter my January Beyond The Schoolyard draw, please click here.

To your happiness,

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Bully Zero Australia Foundation

This week I achieved an ongoing personal goal of mine! To be able to directly contribute to the cause against bullying.

With each sale of my book, Beyond The Schoolyard 20% of the proceeds is donated directly to Bully Zero Australia Foundation.  I love where my life has taken me and allowed me to be apart of such an important and personal cause. To help people overcome their own bullying pasts and to heal from present day bullying!

To order your copy or for more information on my book please click here.

To your happiness,

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St Michaels Health and Well-being Expo

Last week I was privileged to present Happy Mums = Happy Kids at St Michaels Health and Wellbeing Expo.
I receive a lot of positive feedback from the presentation and I wanted to share some of it with you, my wider audience.
Here are my 7 most crucial tips to becoming a Happy Mum:
Time freedom – the biggest complaint we as mothers make is that we don’t have enough time, time to look after ourselves, get things done around the house, prepare nutritious meals, spend quality time with our children or partners etc. etc. We need to first look at what we actually do with our time first in order to evaluate how we can utilise our time better.
The past is the past – often we let the past determine and influence our present and future happiness. We need to accept, understand, forgive and let go of the past. learnt he lessons from your past to move into the present moment.
Look within – often we let our external world determine our internal happiness, which is never a long lasting happiness. We need to focus on things within us to feel empowered in our own happiness and life.
It is what it is – letting go of the struggle to be the ‘perfect’ mother. Accept yourself, your children and the situation for all that you are, just as you are.
Set the tone – children learn 80% of their behaviours, actions and reactions through role modelling. Become the person you want your children to be!
Don’t be so hard on yourself – don’t compare your inner world with someone else’s outside world. Start to treat yourself with compassion and kindness, just like you would a best friend.
An attitude for gratitude – be grateful for all that life is and has to offer you, the good and the bad.
Over the next few weeks I will delve deeper into each of these tips, so please stay tuned!
Here is a picture of me at the presentation, it was great to have so many like minded Mums in the room sharing their experiences and helping one another!
Talk photo 1

Here is some feedback I received…
“Good insights for mums. Refresh simple things that we often forget”.
“Really good and informative. A reality check, understanding everyone goes through the same emotions”.
“Practical straight forward advice that is easy to apply”.
Thank you everyone who attended.

Until my next blog guys, enjoy your children.

Signature -Debbie


3AW Radio Interview


After appearing in the Herald Sun on Saturday, 3AW called me to do an on-air interview this week.

It was very exciting to be able to reach a wider audience and to be able to touch many more mothers out there to help them understand that they are not alone!

To your happiness

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Herald Sun Article – Bullying at the Gate

By Susie O’Brien

VICTORIAN mums are receiving counselling to help them cope with bullying, intimidation and even threats of violence from other mothers at their kids’ schools.

Schools have turned to counsellors and psychologists to help ease the tensions among mothers in the schoolyard.

Oscar Yildiz, CEO of Bully Zero Australia Foundation, said his organization was receiving calls from mums being bullied by other mothers.

“I had one mother ring me and tell me she wanted to ‘punch the daylights out’ of another mother,” he said.

“It’s hard when they are trying to resolve bullying issues between their children and frustrations can boil over,” Mr Yildiz said.

Debbie Rossi, author of the new book Beyond the Schoolyard: End the Bullying Forever, has given talks about surviving in the schoolyard to mothers in Greensborough, Glen Waverley, Frankston, Doncaster and Berwick.

“Some of the mums tell me they avoid getting out of the car because they don’t want to see other mums,” she said.

“Others spend a lot of time getting ready for school drop off and pickup to pass the test at the school gate.

“They feel judged by what they wear and what car they drive, and how their children behave,” Ms Rossi said.

Ms Rossi, a mother of four school-aged children, said mothers who were bullied at school themselves often felt more vulnerable.

“Some mums can sometimes feel like they are the ones starting a new school, and they worry that they won’t fit in and their kids will suffer,” Ms Rossi said.

Gabrielle Leigh, President of the Victorian Principal’s Association, welcomed counseling for mothers to help them cope with other mothers. “It can get emotional at times,” she said.

The Department of Education has released a “Statement of Values for Safer Schools” encouraging parents to “treat other members of the school community with respect”.

To your happiness

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Beyond The Schoolyard Book Launch

Here are a few photos from my book launch on Friday night (I have also included my speech I made)…

Combined book luanch photoCombined book luanch photo 1Combined book luanch photo 2


Don’t forget, you can order your copy of Beyond The Schoolyard at

Enjoy guys.

Signature -Debbie

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