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Do you feel overwhelmed trying to be the ‘perfect’ parent raising the ‘perfect’ child?

I have been busy lately working on an exciting free program called ‘Bringing Happy Back’. This program is for all parents out there who feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed in trying to be the ‘perfect’ parent raising ‘perfect’ children!

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It is a free 21 day emailed program with many bonuses, including webinars, competitions, give-aways, private facebook community and an end of program get together (in Melbourne).

I have written this program as a way to help many families who are struggling with day to day life and to help them bring the happy back to their families. It is my belief that every family deserves to be happy through life’s up and downs and I am on a mission to create this for your family too.

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This program will begin on the 18th May!

I look forward to welcoming you and taking your family through my essential steps.

To your happiness,

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Ups and downs

I am often asked by my clients how to navigate and manage through life’s ups and downs and why do the downs continue to come? It is something that even I still struggle with coping with the downs of life.

My biggest piece of advice is that ups and downs will always be there, they will continue through life as we cannot experience a happy time if we do not experience the sad time. Life is not just filled with the good bits or ‘Photo Album Moments’ which are great moments, yet it is not in these moments that we learn and grow as people. It is in the not so good bits that we develop and help to make us the person that we are today.

For me, to overcome these downs and continue to move toward the light of life, is to take action to move away from the down and into a place of peace. When life is throwing you a curve ball if you are in a place of peace, you will be able to navigate through it easier and more effectively without wallowing in self-pity and becoming the victim. As when self-pity and victim mode takes over it will take you longer to move through the down!

For me, I maintain this place of peace in my life through meditation, seeing the bigger picture of daily downs (and ups) and treating myself (and those around me) with more self-compassion. I am writing about this today as this was me yesterday, as I exploded in anger at my family over something small and feeling like I was been pushed to my limits. Yet rather than seeing that I have failed I look at this moment as a learning curve and a way to show and teach my children that sometimes we do feel angry and it is okay. It is important to express anger (in a productive and controlled way) yet when we allow the emotion to overtake us we cannot control ourselves. As I noticed what was happening I removed myself from the situation to allow myself get back into a place of peace.

This place of peace is the key. To get to this place of peace takes ACTION not wallowing ACTION. My action was to remove myself and re-centre myself to see the bigger picture of what was going on!

What ACTION can you take to navigate through life’s ups and downs?

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

To your happiness,

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My No.1 Tip To Motherhood

 ‘There is no one perfect way to be a good mother … Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children … What matters is that a mother loves her children deeply …’ – M. Russell Ballard

When we become mums, if we are not emotionally okay within ourselves then that is projected onto our children, which can be everything from exciting and exhilarating to overwhelming and scary. In my experience, when I became a mother, all of my emotions that I had been trying to hide from – although not very successfully – came flooding to the surface. I had created these gorgeous innocent children who would look at me with adoration and unconditional love. I wanted more than anything to teach my children all that life has to offer them and be there for them in a way that only a mother can.

Becoming a mum can be one of the most exhilarating and scariest things in your life. Like me, you remember the moment you became a mum when your home pregnancy test came back positive with those two little lines! It was exciting, yet so scary. It was taking a leap into the next stage and you had no idea what was going to happen but it was so exciting because you were bringing a new little person into the world.

Yet how could I do all that if inside myself I did not believe or feel that I was good enough and capable enough to step up to the challenge! This is why when we become a mum our feelings are exaggerated. Tie this to the overwhelming desire to be The Best Mum Ever and you are heading towards a meltdown.

We all strive to be the best mum and to do the very best things for our children. Unfortunately, if we are not in the right head-space and if we are not in a happy place within us then we will put our own issues onto our children.

My mothering-guilt appeared as an outward expression of the fear that I was not a good enough mother. This fear appeared in the form of doubts about my ability, second- guessing my decisions, fearing that I wasn’t spending enough time with them, guilt over leaving them in day care, or that I was somehow neglecting them if they happened to get hurt. Does this sound familiar?

During this chapter I give tips and strategies that I use everyday on my children.

My number one tip I think is the most important and valuable is to “Trust in what you are doing”. Is your baby happy and are you happy? Let go of this image of the perfect baby that sleeps all night, eats everything, and does not cry. Let me tell you, there is no such thing as a perfect child. Your child is perfect as your child. Your child is the perfect child for you.

Finally I want to remind us all is to enjoy your children, they do grow up so quickly and before you know it they are becoming adults themselves. It is these early years of formation that will make a difference for the rest of their lives.

To order your copy of my book called Beyond The Schoolyard, please click here.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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Tip 2 – Creating empathy

A major issue we as parents face in today’s technological age is that it’s so easy for our children to become addicted to Computers, iPads, iPods, Xboxes, Playstations, TV, Social Media etc etc.

In this technological world, we forget “real” humans are on the other end of comments, messages, and postings. Unfortunately it is this lack of connection that becomes a breeding ground for a lack of empathy resulting in bullying and general insensitivity.

As mothers we need to seek opportunities to model empathy towards our children. It is easy to get caught up in the nagging, disciplining cycle of raising our children. When speaking with our children first think about what types of challenges they might currently be experiencing and approach them with compassion and understanding.

Remembering, that things may not seem like a big deal to us are actually major issues for our children, ( think back when you were a kid and put yourself in their shoes).

When our children are on the receiving end of understanding and compassion, they can better understand how it feels and have an authentic sense of why and how they can pass that good feeling on to others.

For more information, register for my webinar called 10 Ways to Prevent Bullying For Your Child on Monday 25th August.

How can you model empathy to your children today?

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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Taylor Swift Concert – Melbourne December 2013

On Saturday night I took my two eldest daughters to the Taylor Swift concert! Once again her concert was amazing, she is such a talented performer as she swapped effortlessly between singing, dancing, the guitar and the piano.

During the show Taylor was talking a lot to the audience. At one point in the show she was introducing her song ‘Mean’ she talked about why and how she writes music and why she wrote this particular song.

Taylor talked about how as a child she would lock herself in her bedroom and write songs about how she felt after her peers were mean to her! Mean was written in the same context only a few years ago (she is currently 24 years old) after she realised that people are still mean even as they get older!

She went on to talk about how if people are mean to you then you should try extra hard not to be mean to anyone else as you know how terrible it feels when people are mean to you. If everyone did this, then the world would be a much better place. How true is this (as I gave my gorgeous daughters a nudge to make sure they were listening).

The next important thing she went on to say is to STOP trying to get people to like you, because there are people out there who will not like you and that is okay because it is LIFE!! Again very true!!

It made me think, what an amazing role model for my children. I often tell my girls these things, but as children do they do not tend to listen to their parents. To hear this from someone they admire and think that their life is all together and that everyone likes them, is priceless. From time to time in our lives we think that the person next to us has their life together and does not have any negative self talk but trust me we all have our ‘Achilles Heal’ when it cones to our self thoughts and feelings! For my girls to hear that even Taylor Swift has the same feelings as they do around fitting in and friends it was invaluable.

Again what life lessons for my girls to hear from Taylor!

My hope is that all of our children are growing up feeling happy and accepting of themselves. At times this is hard for our children to hear so the more role models like Taylor Swift our children have the better chance we will have to get through to our children!

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.




It is what it is!

It is what it is! This is one of my favourite sayings and I often drive my kids crazy by saying it!

To me “it is what it is” is about being in the present moment. By being in the present moment you are not focusing on what could / should / would have been in the past or what could / should / would in the future. We cannot change the past or control the future – even though there are many times I wish we could have! The only thing we can change or influence is the present moment! 

It is also about accepting what or who we cannot change and just let the situation or person be! Let them be who they want to be and not who you think they should be! 

I say this saying quite a lot when I am busy or feeling stressed out! Last night I had a crazy busy night – between netball, tutoring, two school discos and dinner! Last night when I said “it is what it is”, it helps me take the anxiety and stress out of the situation and just see it as tasks that I need to do! So last night as I was going between activities I kept saying to myself “it is ok – because it is what it is”. When I get there I get there! I could not control all of the craziness going on around me, but I could change my perspective on the situation!

In my Kinesiology clinic i see many people who struggle to cope with their busy lives and are STRESSED OUT! This is one simple change that you can make to your perception of a busy situation as when you see things as just what it is – then you can see that it is okay to be busy and take things one at a time..

I challenge you next time you need to be in 3 places at once or when you are crazy busy or when you are focusing on something or someone that you cannot change, remember to say to yourself “it is what it is!”. 

This is great also to teach our kids, let the know it is ok and they are ok. Let them know that when they feel calmer inside, it will make it easier for them to deal with whatever is going in around them – studying, socially or family.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children!

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The Muddy Puddle Project

I came across a foundation called “The Muddy Puddle Project”, it really touched my heart so I wanted to share it with you all.

It is a foundation that was set up to honor the memory of Ty Louis Campbell and to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. Ty fought half of his short life with cancer and sadly he died in October last year. 

MissionWow what an inspiration and important reminder to each and every one of us to remember to cherish those simple things our children find such joy in and to let our children be children.

In Ty’s memory and in the memory of all the other children who are taken from us so young, remember to let your kids jump in muddy puddles!

You can read more about The Muddy Puddles Project at

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.




Happy Mothers Day


As a mother to four children, I totally understand the stresses that Motherhood can bring! If only you were a fly on the wall in my house this morning as I battled to get the kids to school on time while also trying to organize myself and clean up the house and be ready to leave for work!

I believe that as Mothers we all share a similar journey, a journey of trying to raise children who are happy, confident, resilient, healthy, active, capable (and the list goes on and on). There are so many expectations that society and more importantly we put on ourselves as Mothers. How can we not expect to feel overwhelmed, overworked, guilty and out of control on a daily basis!

Here are some tips that I have learnt and are still learning (and yes at times the hard way) to help me to deal with everyday stresses:

1. Stay true to yourself and what you believe, you know your children better than anyone else and therefore you know what is best for them. It is ok to say no if you are not comfortable with a situation.

2. Let go of all that negative self-talk and negative talk in your life about your Mothering skills. Believe in what you know and do, as no one will love and honor your children more unconditionally. Trust in your “Mothering Instincts”.

3. A huge one for me is to let go of the guilt that is so ingrained in been a Mother, we feel guilty about everything from not been there for a performance or sporting event, to seeing your child hurting and not been able to help them, to leaving them in care or with a sitter whilst you go off to work and so on. There is so much guilt associated with all of these things. Guilt that we are not being the best Mother or making the best choices for our children! I believe that a happy Mum will lead to happy children – if you are stressed out then your children will also be stressed out. Make an effort today to take breath and let go of some of that guilt – enjoy your children and let go.

Next time you have that opportunity to have break or do something for you, then jump at it with two hands and enjoy it, because it will make you feel calmer and more relaxed which will then feed down to your children.

Now make an effort to something today to relax and enjoy your children and remember that you are the Best Mum for your Children!

I would like to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day and I hope you are able to enjoy it with your loved ones.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

Signature -Debbie



Brain The Right Hemisphere

Today’s blog is the second in a series of three Brain Blogs. The first blog gave you a brief overview of the left hemisphere, this blog will give you a brief overview of the right hemisphere and the next blog will talk about how important it is for the left and right hemisphere to work together in our children’s learning and our lives.

Brain The Right Hemisphere

The right side of our Brain is responsible for things like imagination, visual, emotions, creativity, rhythm, subconscious thoughts, music, art and for present thoughts.

The right side of the brain loves to daydream, see things or issues as a bigger / whole picture and create new ideas. It also plays a major role in gathering information for new ideas and thoughts which are then stored in our memories, for future reference. It is all about the now and present moment.

In our children’s classroom a child who is right hemisphere dominant has a great imagination, will be able to see a possibility and will require a more visual explanation of a topic. They are good at subjects where their creativity can be explored like art, music and storytelling.

We use the right hemisphere to explore what is going on around us. We are able to see the bigger picture in what we are learning rather than just focusing on the small details. It is in the right brain that we are able to take risks in what we are learning, as it does not rely on past experiences to determine our present thought, which can therefore limit our risk taking by going with what is safe and known to work in the past.

Are you right hemisphere dominant? Do you prefer to be given information in a more visual display as opposed to figures and facts? Are you able to see what is going on around you in the present, rather than relying on past experiences to determine how you feel right now? Are you good at reading maps and knowing where you are in relation on the map? If the answer is yes to these questions, then you are most likely right hemisphere dominant.

Our brains are powerful and complex. Now stayed tuned for my next blog, which is probably the most important in this series of blogs as it explains how important “whole brain” learning is for our children in today’s constantly changing world.

Until next blog, enjoy your children.




Brain, The Left Hemisphere

Our brains are the most powerful and complex organism in the world. The brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left and right hemisphere. These two hemispheres are connected via the Corpus Callosum – which consists of approx 200-250 million nerve fibres that connect the two hemispheres.

Over the next 3 blogs I want to give you a brief overview of your Brain. Starting today I will give you some basic background information on the left hemisphere or left brain.

The left side of our brain is responsible for things like logic, reason, auditory information, speech, numbers, time orientated, conscious thoughts and past or future thoughts.

The left side of the brain loves lists, sequences and order. It also plays a major role in the analysis of information.

In our children’s classroom a student who is left hemisphere dominant can be good at planning, listening to directions and following directions. They can be good in subjects which require reason, logic and order like maths, reading and spelling.

We use the left hemisphere of the brain to rely on things that are going on around us, as it will analyse what is going on by referring to past events and feelings in order to determine our present thought or action. It is in the left hemisphere that any new experience or information can be stored for future reference.

So are you left-hemisphere dominant? Do you prefer information to be given to you in order or in a sequence, like a list or graph. Or think about when you are under stress do you usually think about and discuss the issue before you take an action…… If the answer is yes to these questions, then you are most likely left-hemisphere dominant as before you can take an action or deal with a current situation your brain needs to access stored information from past experiences.

Our brain really is amazing, now stay tuned for my next blog on the right hemisphere. Once you have the background information on both hemispheres I will then blog about how important it is in our children’s learning to use the left and right hemisphere together for full integrated learning to occur!

Until next blog, enjoy your children.


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