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Kinesiology for Kids

Kinesiology is an effective tool in helping children with behavioural issues, diet, allergies, health issues and learning issues. Children are very sensitive and respond very well to treatments. Kinesiology sessions with children are also complimented with specific brain exercises for your children to do at home.

In my experience as a mother to my four gorgeous children and with children who come into my kinesiology melbourne clinic, I believe that children are merely a reflection of the society and environment they live within. The poem below by Dorothy Law Nolte summarises this perfectly.  As a result of this I also encourage Mums, Dads and Carers to come in for a session to help enhance and maintain the effectiveness of a kinesiology session with their child.

I also run workshops with adults and children to help them learn how their brain can learn more effectively and efficiently through the use of Brain Gym and LEAP (Learning Enhancement Accupressure Program).

Here I am recently teaching children at a child care how to do brain exercises, this is a part of my ‘Love Your Brain’ program which is run in both child care centres, kindergartens and schools. For more information on this, please email me at with the subject line – Love Your Brain Program.

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