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National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

Friday 20th of March was the fifth annual National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. As part of this day I was honoured to be asked to attend the Bully Zero Foundation Australia launch of their anti-bullying booklet called ‘A Safer Nation for Every Generation’!

This booklet is the first in Australia, which includes a lot of valuable information for our children about how to create a safer nation and stamp out bullying. The booklet is put together using pictures children have drawn and lots in practical information for both children, parents, educators and society as a whole.

I feel very honoured and blessed to where my work takes me and to be a part of such an important cause.

Launch photo 1 This photo is of Ali Halkic, board member and founder of Bully Zero. The foundation was set up in honour of his son Allem Halkic took his own life after been cyber bullied in 2012.


Launch photo 2

This photo is of Oscar Yildiz, CEO of Bully Zero. He is the man behind everything that happens at Bully Zero.


Launch photo 3


This photo is of me with Ali holding the booklet, ‘A Safer Nation for Every Generation’.

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