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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a therapy that uses non-invasive muscle testing and body feedback to test your body for imbalances. These imbalances may be a result of nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, emotional upset, food sensitivities, structural misalignments, poor energy flow or negative self-beliefs.

Kinesiology monitors the movement of muscles in your body for feedback about what the body is going through. I like to explain it simply by saying that your muscles will respond to something that is stressful to your body. For example, junk food will cause a muscle to have a weak response (since it is stressful for the body), whereas water will cause the muscle to have a strong response (since it is beneficial for the body). So by using this feedback, I am able to determine what your body needs and how to help the body reach its optimal function.

My Story

Seven years ago I discovered Kinesiology when my second daughter was a headache sufferer from as young as I can remember until she was about 4 years old (she is now 11 years old). She was on a merry-go-round of migraines, to panadol/nurofen, to vomiting, to pain-free for a few weeks, and then back on the merry-go-round again! As a mother of a sick child, I tried everything possible to help my daughter with her headaches to no avail. Finally, a friend suggested that I see a kinesiologist for her migraines. The Kinesiologist determined in one session that dairy products were the reason why she was getting so many migraines. After three weeks of removing dairy from her diet, her headaches stopped completely and she was like a different child – she was not only pain-free, but she was also no longer moody and seemed much happier within herself. I needed to know how this worked and ultimately how I could help my daughters and son with a many array of things. My mind boggled. So I enrolled in a Kinesiology Melbourne course, and, seven years later, I am still amazed with what Kinesiology can achieve.

In my Melbourne Kinesiology clinic I have found that Kinesiology is useful for a variety of issues and is especially beneficial in helping children with learning and development. I believe our bodies have the ability to heal themselves and do their best to maintain health (with what we put in it). Still, at times, our bodies need help to heal. Kinesiology is a great tool to help in the healing of our bodies, as it will get to the cause of the problem, no matter if it’s a physical, mental, nutritional, emotional or spiritual issue. For total healing to take place, we need to deal with the original cause of the problem.

I would like to make it clear that Kinesiology does not diagnose, prescribe or treat in any way a medical condition or a named disease. I do not attempt to keep people away from doctors, drugs, surgery, or the skills of any health professional when they need them. As a Kinesiologist, I do not treat diseases or medical conditions. I assist the body to heal. However, I do think that in today’s hectic world we tend to take a tablet too easily without exploring what is actually going on in our bodies and working out the cause! Kinesiology is a tool for getting to the root of the problem, and promoting comprehensive health.

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