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Kinesiology Awareness Week

Kinesiology has changed my life in so many ways. When I began my journey with Kinesiology 9 years ago I did not even know what it was or even how to pronounce it! How things have changed in the past years as I now use Kinesiology every day in my own life and also to help my children in their lives.

Kinesiology is an effective tool in assessing and understanding the body, mind and spirit. Through using muscle testing (non-invasive) you are able to determine what is ‘stressing’ out the whole body (body, mind and spirit). Kinesiology works from a nutritional level to an emotional issue to an environmental cause or even a spiritual angle. All can be determined and changed through the simple art of muscle testing.

I believe that our bodies have been designed and function to heal themselves yet with so many outside influences and distractions it upsets that fine balance of equilibrium within our bodies. When this balance changes to out-of-balance our bodies can no longer function or even heal themselves as effectively as it has been designed to do. Hence this is where Kinesiology comes in to look at the whole person to re-align the whole person into a balanced state, to ultimately allow for equilibrium within and in all areas of one’s life.

Kinesiology works a lot with emotional triggers as generally most dis-ease begins with emotional dis-ease. By addressing dis-ease on all levels allows ease in healing and life. Kinesiology also works on a physical level to release stresses within the body. It is through this connection of all areas of one’s life that true and lasting equilibrium can occur.

Kinesiology changes for me (to name a few) have ranged from me finally dealing with bullying issues I endured through my high school years, subtle changes to my diet like reducing sugar intake, physical releases of stresses by using trigger points and meridian lines on my body. These changes and many more relieve my body from unnecessary stress in order for me to for me to enjoy and participate fully in my busy life as a business owner and mother to 4 busy children. And because of this I am eternally thankful for Kinesiology in my life.

Written by Debbie Rossi from Debbie is a Kinesiologist, presenter, author of Beyond the Schoolyard (End the bullying forever) and busy mother to 4 children. Debbie is passionate about enabling others to create happy, healthy, confident and successful lives.

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