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Testimonial, Kinesiology Client

Kinesiology is an extremely powerful modality, and there is no requirement to understand how or why it works, however via the profound transformations, often instantaneous, you will quickly learn and want to know more. It is a modality of healing that you just need to “experience” for yourself, its effectiveness cannot be explained, it’s an experience.
Debbie’s Balancing sessions I akin to a “Day Spa for your Soul”, with long lasting and permanent results, that revitalises your entire system. This profound shift then floods into every part of your life often assimilating in gentle and subtle ways, over about 3 days after your session.

Not only have I saved hundreds in physio fees, but immediately after my session, I am quickly back into the swing and in total control of my health and therefore keeping up with my busy and energetic lifestyle. Now I see Debbie weekly, not because I need to, but because her balances are effective on a cellular level, deep profound and permanent. Like exercise, regular sessions keep my entire body in perfect sync and balance, and therefore I am Calm, focused and energised to be the best of myself and therefore give the best of myself to not only my Clients and but to my life as a whole.

Debbie has developed a unique method based on her several years of experience, in contrast to other Kinesiologists, that is extremely powerful and just allows you to completely relax and focus on “you” time. Her methods are backed by science and you only need to chat to any one of her Clients to be convinced of how much of an amazing Practitioner she is, as the results speak for themselves.

You truly are giving yourself, and those that surround you, the greatest gift by indulging in regular sessions. Debbie is a true testament to Professionalism and the practice of Kinesiology; she has passion and drive and always goes above and beyond for her Clients.

Personally, I and my family are her Clients for life.

Director, Professional Financial Services.

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