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Why Beyond The Schoolyard?

A lot of people ask me why did you write a book? Why did you write about bullying? Is it something you have always wanted to do? Well here is an excerpt from the Introduction of my book Beyond The Schoolyard….

My name is Debbie Rossi, the author of Beyond the School Yard. I’m going to share with you a little of my personal journey and the heartache that led me to write this book, and what it means to me.

I was bullied throughout my high school years and as a result had low self-value and little self-esteem. The feelings of not being good enough infiltrated every area of my life and affected all my rela­tionships with my parents, my husband, my friends and eventually, my children. I always felt I wasn’t good enough. Not a good wife, not a good daughter, not a good mother.

I struggled with this while trying to be the best person I could be, I knew that these feelings were holding me back. I wanted to be the very best mother I could, and worried that I would project my feelings of low self-esteem onto my children.

I wanted my children to love themselves, be happy and accept who they were in any situation and in every area of their lives. How could I teach them this if I didn’t know how to love myself and didn’t feel these things inside myself?

When I discovered Kinesiology and the benefits it brought to me and my children, I knew it was the answer for me. I pursued Kine­siology personally and professionally and through this practice have been able to help not only myself and my family, but many other clients in my private practice. I will be sharing some of their stories in this book.

There are a couple of reasons why I wrote this book. One reason is to be able to help others the way I was helped. Women, men, even children who are experiencing some of the same feelings can be helped by the insights in this book.

I especially hope that mothers can be helped through reading Beyond the School Yard. Then they can be better mothers to their own children and have them live happily, valuing themselves and their place in the world.

My mission and my passion are to have healthy, happy children both inside and out. If I can make this happen for my four gorgeous children and expand the reach of this love to more children in the world, my wish would be fulfilled and my job here accomplished.

Another reason I wrote this book was to overcome the fear of doing it. If I was going to ‘walk the talk’, I needed to overcome the feel­ings of ‘I can’t’ and the fear surrounding the task and just do it. So I did! It’s been hard and fearful but exciting all at the same time. Even though it was terrifying and overwhelming, it’s been one of the best things I’ve done in my life (next to marrying my husband and becoming a mum to my four children).

By using this book as a guide, you will be able to break through all those limiting self-beliefs that hold you back in fear, anxiety, worry, stress and anger. There are tools here to help you on a daily basis to slowly change your way of living for a happier, healthier outlook and life. So that you can go Beyond the School Yard.

You are not alone. There are many people out there who are also experi­encing the same problems and issues that you are. We all have our inner demons, and we all deal with them in different ways. Many people are stuck in the trauma of past experiences, but there is a way out!

What is outlined in this book is the way that I dealt with my prob­lems – and quite successfully too. I hope that by sharing these skills, you will find success in all the areas of life that you are struggling with. Good luck! Enjoy the journey, as you are about to find a better way to see your past and live in the now, with gratitude and joy!

I am excited for the opportunity to work with Bully Zero Austra­lia Foundation. I came across this not-for-profit organisation and I am proud to be working with them to raise awareness of bullying with a no-tolerance culture in Australia! With every book I sell, a percentage will go directly back to this foundation and help them to continue with the amazing work they do in schools and workplaces. For further information on Bully Zero Australia Foundation, check out their website

Enjoy this process and step into the new you! Remember:

‘Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

To order your copy today, please click here.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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Reverse Focus

‘How would your life be different if … you stopped allowing other people to dilute or poison your day with their words or opinions? Let today be the day … you stand strong in the truth of your beauty and journey through your day without attachment to the validation of others.’ – Steve Maraboli

Reverse focus is a very powerful part of the process to help you feel more confident, happy and live the life you want to live. It is looking at yourself and having yourself as the main focus.

The most important thing is you and how you are feeling about something and what is going on with you. When we focus on the outside world, which we cannot control, we lose focus on what we can control – the inside world. It is so important to be focused on the inside and what those internal emotions are and not focused on what is going on externally.

If you are putting a Band-Aid on the outside of a problem, you are not really addressing the inside emotional need that is not being met. We need to keep out of other people’s stuff. Other people have their own lives to lead, their own crosses to bear, their own celebra­tions to be had. It is not your life, it is their life and we cannot judge or assume to know what is going on with others because we have not walked in their shoes.

Keep the focus off others and direct it back to yourself. Don’t confuse your issues by delving into other peoples. You have to focus and understand your own problems in order to deal with or sort them out.

Be in the here and now. We need to keep ourselves in the present moment of what is actually going on and not lose our focus and go back to past events or think about future events. What is important is the right here and now, because our present perception can define and change what happened in the past and shape what happens in the future. Let go of whatever no longer serves you. Sometimes in our past, we set up emotional belief patterns that served us and kept us safe at the time. These patterns are no longer valid in our life as we grow and develop as a person. Make the choice to let them go. Be mindful of what is going on now, become aware of the now and don’t try to change it. Let go of the need to try to change what is going on now. Become more accepting as you acknowledge the moment.

This is an excerpt from my book called Beyond The Schoolyard, Reverse Focus chapter. For more information on how you can order your own copy of this book, please click here.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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How can kinesiology help you?

I remember when I first heard about kinesiology, I did not even know what it was – let alone know how it could help me!

It has been almost 7 years since I was introduced to kinesiology and in which time I went on to study it for 4 years. Kinesiology has helped me in so many ways over the years and I continue to be amazed at the results I have with my clients.

How can kinesiology help you?

Kinesiology is an effective tool to access the subconscious mind! It uses the non-invasive muscle testing to uncover what the underlying emotional, physical, nutritional or spiritual reason is behind your presenting problem.

Kinesiology is very emotionally based, and looks the emotional component of any physical ailment, stress or anxiety in your life. When you are able to release the emotion involved on both a subconscious, conscious and physical level your body is enabled to heal itself quickly and effectively.

Here is a short list of all the ways that kinesiology can be used:

Stresses or anxieties


Physical pain

Learning enhancement

Overcoming fears

Physical health and well-being

Behaviour issues with children

Increasing energy levels

Weight management

Personal growth

Kinesiology sessions run for approx. 45 minutes – 1 hour. During the session I will use muscle testing to access the information you need to make long lasting beneficial changes in your life. At the end of each session you will be given a list of changes to make in your everyday life, this can range from a mindset change to an affirmation to a change in your lifestyle to a diet change to a daily brain exercise. Remembering that change does not happen in our short session, it happens when you apply the insight into your everyday life.

Each month I offer a few free initial consults. Contact me today to start to make the change in your life!

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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Progress Leader Newspaper

This week I was very excited to see my smiling face in my local newspaper. You can read the article in full by clicking here.

I am currently up for a people’s choice award – Making a Difference AusMumpreneur 2014 Award. This is a public voted category. Please vote for me by clicking here.

Thanks guys!

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More Joy, Less Stress

More Joy and less stress is something that we all want in our lives, I know I certainly do! But what is the magic key to creating more joy and letting go of the stress in your life?

The magic key is acceptance and gratitude (alright 2 magic keys!)

Acceptance is around accepting that everything is as it is meant to be, my favourite saying in life is IT IS WHAT IT IS! On my crazy busy days as I am juggling my kids, work and life, I will say this a lot and often drive my kids insane with this saying! To be able to accept that it is what it is, allows us to live in the present moment.

I heard a quote lately that read:

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present”. – Lao Tzu

This sums it up perfectly when you are trying to change the past you will feel hopeless, when you are worrying about the future you will feel anxious. It is in the present moment that we feel peace and joy. Focus on what is right now, not what could have been or what should be. The right now is where you can make changes to how you perceive the past and how you influence the future. Be the person you want to be right now.

The second magic key is gratitude. It is huge and can make powerful changes in your life. When we live in gratitude we are appreciative, thankful and happy with exactly what we have. We are not trying to be someone else or to get something else or look a different way. We just are, exactly as we and happy with ourselves.

It is so important that we focus on what we have and be grateful for everything that we do have in our lives. We need to let go of the “if onlys” and focus on what we have right now, in the present moment. Acknowledge all the things in your life (the good and bad) and be grateful for either the learning the bad situation is giving you or the pleasure the good situation is giving you. Coming from a place of gratitude will have a positive effect on your life and your current state of mind!

With these 2 magic keys you can start to unlock a life filled with more joy and less stress.

How are you going to be more accepting and grateful for all things in your life today (the small and big things)?

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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Bad Habits

Did you know that we train our brain to think, believe, act, react and behave? We have been training our brains for years and often we do not even know how or where it started. Our thoughts and self-beliefs just become a habit and often a bad habit which we struggle to break.

For me, I trained my brain to think that I was not good enough, which was as a result of the childhood bullying I experienced. Even though the bullying finished many years ago, the effects of low self-belief and little self-esteem remained with me for many years into my adulthood. These thoughts had become a habit for me to think and what my brain knew to keep me safe from harm.

I am writing this blog today as it often helps when breaking these negative self-beliefs to see them just as a habit and something that the brain does, to avoid us getting caught up in the drama and emotion of the feeling.  Once our brain starts to think about the emotion and drama of the feelings, it will get caught up in it and we will start to relive the event. Our brain will no longer be able to tell what is fact or your perception of the facts!

The left side of our brain tends to dominate our thoughts and daily routines, as it is the side of the brain for logic, reason, routines and thinking. It is this side of the brain that will reference what happened in the past to justify why you are feeling what you are feeling in the present moment. The left side of the brain is also where habits are formed and maintained through proving what we believe to be true!

The right side of the brain is the bigger picture side, imagination, instinct and creative side. It is here that we can see a different perspective to our current negative thoughts and beliefs by seeing more than just the problem at hand. It is through our creativeness and imagination that we can create and explore a new belief and image of ourselves and step away from the old one that no longer serves us.

This knowledge really helped me break through my old beliefs around not feeling good enough, as it allowed me to see it for what it was, an old habit that my brain felt safe in.

It was not true, but I believed it to be true for many years, because I was too involved in the emotion and drama of the feelings that I could not see what was true or not true.

Once I can see this logically, I can start to break down the barriers and negative beliefs of myself. I can start to change my brain to create and explore positive self-beliefs that I am good enough! And you know what I always was!!

I challenge you today to start to look at the habits that your brain is thinking and how they influence your life. How can you break the old habits that no longer serve you?

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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Discover You

Often we get so caught up with being someone’s mother, someone’s wife / partner that we forget and lose who we are in the process. We put all of our energies and focus into our loved ones around us, that we no longer know who we are. Our loved ones become the main focus of our thoughts and actions.

This became very apparent to me recently as one of my clients, Emma who was an older Mum and whose children were ‘leaving the nest’. She had 2 children, a 30 year old daughter who lived in Singapore and a 19 year old son who still lived with her but was at University and starting to become more and more independent. She felt lost and did not know what to do with her days. Her passion was cooking and this is what she would do to nurture her family, but now with her son going out more – it was just her husband and her for dinner each night. Emma felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and longed for her children to be home with her. When they were not at home, she would worry continually about them – which filled her mind with thoughts of her children and gave her a sense of purpose in their lives still.
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Kinesiology Explored

What is Kinesiology? I cannot tell you the amount of times someone has asked me “So what do you do?” and when my response is “I am a Kinesiologist”, his or her face very quickly goes into a confused look! So by having lots of practice at explaining what it is that I actually do, I now feel very confident in my explanation….

Kinesiology is a natural health and natural healing. It is based on the Chinese Traditional Medicine and was originally developed by Chiropractors. It uses non-invasive muscle testing to test the body for answers on what is going on a subconscious level to determine any imbalances in the body. These imbalances may be a result of nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, emotional upset, food sensitivities, structural misalignments, poor energy flow or negative self-beliefs.

Kinesiology monitors the movement of muscles in your body for feedback about what the body is going through. I like to explain it simply by saying that your muscles will respond to something that is stressful to your body, for example junk food will cause a muscle to have a weak response as this is stressful for the body whereas water will cause the muscle to have a strong response as this is beneficial for the body. So by using this feedback I am able to determine what your body needs and how to help the body reach its optimal function.

Muscle testing through to the subconscious layer to figure out what we can do on an external and conscious layer.

Kinesiology uses a lot of different pressure points around the body as a correction point. It is very emotionally charged by dealing with the emotions of something that has happened in our lives from the past or a belief or an experience.

I believe that our bodies have the ability to heal itself, and is doing its best to care for itself (with what we put in it). Although at times our bodies need help to heal. Kinesiology is a great tool to help in the healing of our bodies, as it will get to the cause of the problem, whether it be a physical, mental, nutritional, emotional or a spiritual issue. For total healing to take place we need to deal with the original cause of the problem.

I would like to make it clear that that Kinesiology does not diagnose, prescribe or treat in any way a medical condition or a named disease. I do not attempt to keep people away from doctors, drugs, surgery, or the skills of any health professional when they need them. As a Kinesiologist I do not treat diseases or medical conditions, I assist the body to heal. However I do think that in today’s hectic world we will take a tablet too easily without exploring what is actually going on in our bodies and working out the cause!

Always dealing with the underlying reasons why something is going on in our lives so we can then deal with these issues from the root cause.

Any questions please get in contact with me for more information.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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The Key to Counselling Kinesiology

Today I am busy preparing for my final oral exam for my Counselling Kinesiology course.

As I am preparing my notes, I am reflecting on all that I have learnt over the past year. I wanted to share with you what I have found to be the most valuable part of my course.

You need to go within before you can go out! This means that you need to look within yourself to see what your internal thoughts and feelings before you can look at what is happening on the outside in your life. If we are not feeling okay inside then the outside will not be okay. If we are feeling happy and calm on the inside then the outside will be happy and calm as well.

The next extension of this is that when things occur on the outside, like a stressful job or argument with your partner you need to first look within at your internal thoughts and feelings to see what the outside event is triggering on the inside.

Once we are able to deal with our internal thoughts and feelings, we are able to see clearly what is going on in the outside and let go of the emotion and drama that the outside can cause us on the inside.

Start to put the focus on your internal thoughts and feelings in your day to day life! Go in before you can go out!

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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National Day of Action Against Bullying

Today is the National Day of Action Against Bullying, March 21st 2014.

Today is an important day as it brings awareness to bullying in our communities – not only in schools but also in the cyber world.

This awareness is something that is very close to my heart. I was bullied as a child and I bought these feelings of low self-worth and insecurities into my adult life, especially as I became a mother. They stayed with me and the remnant of the bullying haunted me for many years on. Until I was able to stop and look within to see what was emotionally going inside which was keeping the past bullying alive in my present life.

I needed to deal with my internal feelings and emotions, rather than looking at the incidents themselves. To move past the drama and emotion of the bullying experience is a hard one to do, but a necessary step to finally let go of the past. Now I have been able to move past the bullying and step into a new confident and happier me.

“Finally I let go of that negative bullying I experienced and I learnt to love myself, just as I am”.

This is what my book, Beyond the Schoolyard is all about. It is a step by step guide of what I went through and what I have helped many of my clients go through as well – to move above and beyond the taunts of bullies!

In honour of today, National day of Action Against Bullying, I encourage and challenge you to do a random act of kindness to someone today, it can be a total stranger or someone you know.

Let’s start to share the love around and put an end to bullying. I would love to hear from you about what act of kindness you did today.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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