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Case Studies


Jacinta is 36 years old. She has two young boys, aged 2 and 4. She is moderately unhealthy with a very bad diet, which includes a lot of sugary and processed foods. She is overweight bordering on obese. Jacinta suffers from migraines, stress, bad diet and moodiness. She does minimal exercise as she struggles to find time to do anything between her migraines and looking after her two active boys. Currently her migraines are almost on a weekly basis and are very bad that she is bed ridden for up to a two days with each migraine. Jacinta has had low self-worth issues and moodiness for most of her life. As she is now a Mother and wants to be rid of these issues as she is concerned that she will pass on her issues to her children.

Goal / Outcome:
The reason why Jacinta came to see me was predominantly about her migraines and subsequently about her wanting to feel like she was a great Mother, to want to eat a healthy diet and to feel worthy of love and support in her life.

Evaluation of session outcome:
Throughout the sessions we delved into Jacinta’s low self-worth and negative self-talk, as these were the underlying reasons why she suffered from migraines and her lifestyle choices. This took Jacinta focus and determination as these negative ways of thinking had become a habit in her life and something that her mind had been programmed to do. No matter what was going on around her, Jacinta would always look for the negative and self-doubting way.

Through practice and implementing some powerful thought changing exercises into her life, she has been able to change her thoughts to a more positive and confident mindset. This has helped her migraines enormously as she now will only get a migraine when she has eaten too many processed or sugary foods. At her last session, she had not had a migraine for over 2 months.

In her busy life she does sometimes still slip back into her negative thoughts, which is very normal as when we are stressed and busy we feel overwhelmed and our minds will go back on that automatic route it knows so well. During these times Jacinta is relying on outside reminders, like affirmations or colours, to keep her inside mind in check with positive thoughts and beliefs.

Jacinta said that she now understands why she has these negative thoughts, which has been the biggest thing that has helped her to make the changes necessary in her life today.

I have found Jacinta’s story to be a classic story that I hear every day with my clients, low self-worth and negative thoughts which end up causing physical problems and poor lifestyle choices in their lives. What we think about ourselves and what we say to ourselves has a huge impact on everything in our lives, including diet, health, happiness, mothering skills etc. Our thoughts will either cloud or enhance things that happen to you or around you.

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