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About Debbie

Hi, I am Debbie. Twelve years ago I started my motherhood journey with little knowledge of anything to do with mothering! In the early years of motherhood, I suffered from low self-confidence and feelings of not been good enough! This was then exacerbated as my innocent children would look to me for guidance. I would think to myself, “How can I guide these children in the way they deserve if I myself am struggling with these feelings of insecurities?”

I knew I wanted my children to grow up loving, respecting, and valuing themselves in everything that they do. The best and most influential way I could give this to them was by showing them how to do this through my own actions and to treat myself the way I wanted them to treat themselves! And so began my journey of self-love.

Through dedication, training, and education, I have built myself up from the inside, which allows me to not only cope with life but to feel happy and enjoy my life with my gorgeous family.

Now, I strive to help other mothers and families find this same level of contentment. I’m an expert in childhood learning and a freedom specialist for busy mothers. This means I am like a compass that both directs mothers toward freedom in their otherwise crazy lives and helps children discover easier ways of learning.

I am the owner and operator of a successful melbourne kinesiology practice. I have also studied Brain Gym and LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program). Using these skills I can fine-tune your child’s brain and enable better and more effective learning. I can also give your child the skills to learn easily, more effectively, and be less frustrated in their learning. I also help you, as a mother, feel confident, calm and in control as well as teach you how to be a “Guilt Free Mother!”

Ultimately, I can help your child build more self-confidence and cooperation and guide your entire family towards a better life balance.

Enjoy your children!

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